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When you choose CMS for your business maintenance and property management needs, you are investing in a culture of excellence, built from the ground up, with over 10 years experience in the industry. 



When you choose CMS for your business maintenance and property management needs, you are investing in a culture of excellence. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing our team is mindful of our commitment to outstanding service and reputation. This, in addition to access to some of the most advanced techniques, equipment and system processes, is one of the major reasons why Clean Management Solutions is the preferred supplier to the top government, commercial and industrial bodies throughout Australia. Furthermore, our company service satisfaction policy, backed by the board of directors, offers a 100 percent guarantee to ensure our clients receive outstanding service, timely delivery and professional results.



The concept of transparency in our industry is to support and deliver our company’s policy to offer value for all of our clients. Many of our services are carried out outside of normal business hours to help minimise impact to our clients’ day to day operations. At CMS, we are dedicated to continuous development of onsite and cloud-based systems to aid in the audit, collection and manipulation of information to better deliver and communicate our service efficiencies. We make use of the CMS ONE system to manage our operations, safety environment and customer satisfaction requirements, CMS ONE is a powerful software solution which aids inmanaging sites and site assets by completing reports with a hand-held PDA.

This information is synchronised to a server, where data reports are directly sent to clients. CMS ONE provides us and our clients with consistent and accurate asset surveys, incident reports, and WHS inspection reports to provide a quick, easy and complete management tool that allows clients to track site cleanliness and crew performance. From the CMS ONE desktop, CMS can also export to Microsoft Word and Excel, providing individual reports complete with photos, signatures, and inspection summaries in a format capable of totalling, sorting and filtering data for analysis. The unique, patented system allows Clean Management Solutions to capture data on the move, while providing a time date stamp on all records, offering an audit trail and verification of reports.



In our market place collaboration is key as we are working with different trades, professional services, community groups and government departments. We at Clean Management Solutions recognise that we must be flexible when dealing with these stake holders and work in partnership in order to achieve our common goals.



Clean Management Solutions first identified an industry void of environmental sustainability in 2007, and it has since built a reputation on eco-friendly, zero-impact solutions. Our company has worked to develop sustainable practices across the board by aligning with suppliers who support similar initiatives - environmentally friendly products, zero-chemical services and recycling containers and packaging for company operations. Additionally, CMS has developed one of the only silenced steam and pressure-cleaning trucks in Australia, which reduces water use by as much as 70 percent, diminishes noise pollution to a hum of 68 decibels and cuts our carbon use and fuel burn by 50 to 66 percent.

The success is thanks to the introduction of a compatible cycle system, which allows the operation of multiple systems from a single power source. This system allows our team to perform floor preparations, restorations and heavy industrial steam applications with incredible efficiency. The setup also boasts reduced motor running times and decreased employee fatigue, as all systems are electrically driven and remote controlled with stop-start technology.



At Clean Management Solutions, we devote all of our resources to providing a safe work place. We are inspired by our team’s ability to serve our clients and go home safely to their families. CMS prides itself on nine years of sustained service with no major incidents. CMS’ electric and onsite systems are designed to support the safety of our people and the safe operation of our business. With Occupational Health and Safety comprising such a major part of our culture, we strive to establish safe working procedures and document any working hazards for us to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations on safety.