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Pressure Cleaning Services of CMS

CMS can offer you complete commercial pressure cleaning services for almost any exterior surface, including paving, warehouse floors, car parks, walls, roofs, multi storey buildings, council property, petrol stations & sidewalks in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

Whether you have a one off domestic project or a large commercial property that requires high pressure cleaning & scheduled maintenance cleaning, CMS can provide a quality service at a great price, our knowledge and years of experience in the high pressure cleaning industry can take the hassle out of your property maintenance.

We all know that the use of high pressure water for cleaning is the most common method of rejuvenation for hard surfaces & building exteriors but have you thought about the damage to the environment and to your hard surfaces?

So even though high pressure cleaning is the most common method, in today’s environment with ongoing water shortages, steam cleaning & manual hand washing of buildings and structures has become increasingly popular. This is where our newest fleet unit, the CMS8000 technology, steps in. The CMS8000 consists of a marriage of our 2007 cleaning innovation, the CMS ladder free system and a custom built steam tanker. This combination offers a unique variable cleaning system with its key benefits being water conservation and a safe alternative for working at heights.

Developed in 2008, the CMS8000 is a custom built tanker system with a triple stage 200 degree steam system. The steam cleaner is coupled with 250M of lead hose for the ultimate extended working capability. The system allows the crew to effectively transit and clean safely around car parks, mall areas and footpaths without the restriction of having to refill at short intervals.

The custom set also saves water, when compared to the industry standard pressure cleaning units with steam using 45-60% less water during its cleaning operation. The system also allows for water re-capture with the vacuum system collecting 98% of overflow water. This system offers both the environment and client a plethora of benefits and is a great, eco-friendly alternative pressure cleaning system that delivers even better results than you have come to expect from the traditional high pressure cleaning methods.

We can also seal your freshly cleaned hard surfaces with a clear sealer to reduce future staining occurring, lay decorative concrete surfaces or repaint your exterior surface. Contact us for further information and a quote.