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CMS Horticulture is challenging the status quo when it comes to performance management of Landscape maintenance services. Our vision is to lead by opening the industry up and introducing new programs and service levels that allow our customers to learn, monitor real time and be involved with the management of their green scape assets. 

At CMS Horticulture we have invested in an all encompassing system called CMS ONE which captures important "grass roots" information prior, during and post services to ensure as an industry leader we deliver on our promise of exceptional levels of service for our clients. Whilst we are still in the business of seasonal expectations, scheduled maintenance and delivering a high level horticultural outcome, we have identified a need for greater integration of onsite systems and our clients expectation management.

Through the creation of CMS ONE we are able to plot, monitor and map the "living asset" through a series of data collection processes, including Green scape mapping, Progress logging, GPS tracking and Growth indicator recording. All these simple but effective processes have been designed into a Powerful and effective tool the onsite teams can rely on, navigate around and communicate with third parties in real time on a cloud based server. 

At CMS Horticulture we understand to provide a superior service in a budget driven industry we have had to employ strategies that not only allow us to operate more efficiently but also assist us to mature our services based on a methodical collection of onsite knowledge. This knowledge whilst is limited at the beginning of a service contract, grows and develops site by site. Its with this long term vision and commitment to exceeding the industry standards, that sets CMS apart from other contractors in the industry. An equally impressive benefit of our great systems, is our senior parks and gardens team. Our team headed by our licensed Horticulturalist Greg Morton of Morton Horticulture has over 30 years experience in the industry. The six crews that now cover in excess of 60 sites, are licensed and experienced in all aspects Landscape design, Landscape construction and Green scape maintenance. 

The successes of our CMS ONE data capture system is important both on a horticultural level and a client value level. The value adding nature of Client logins and transparent operations, benefits our clients ensuring they receive greater value, greater service transparency and ultimately a more advanced service for their green scape assets.  After all at CMS Horticulture we are in the business of maintaining green spaces and building great relationships.

Turf Maintenance and Management:

  • Mowing of open space lawns
  • Trimming of edges
  • Turf Preparation and installation of new lawn
  • Weed control of turf areas

Landscape Maintenance:

  • Ensure gardens are free of rubbish
  • Weed control of garden areas
  • Supply and distribution of mulch to garden areas
  • Removal of dead, damaged and diseased plants
  • Pruning of hedges

Tree Care and Maintenance

  • Preparation and planting of young trees
  • Pruning of existing trees
  • Supply and distribution of mulch
  • Supply and installation of tree stakes
  • Removal of dead, damaged and diseased branches

Herbicide and Pesticide Spraying

We make use of a full range of environmentally friendly and bio degradable products to manage and maintain your open space areas.

Parks Asset Maintenance

  • Playground maintenance
  • Ensuring a safe and clean environment for public use
  • BBQ cleaning and maintenance
  • Maintenance of picnic areas, drinking fountains, taps and drains.
  • Inspection and cleaning of toilet facilities
  • Graffiti removal services

Full service management options

By customising our range of services through flexible bundling options, CMS leads the industry in delivering value for our customers by reducing call out costs, offering multiple onsite services and greater operational efficiencies.